Arnica calming cream, Healing-soothing

Creme 11, Irritated red skin

Available for shipment exclusively in the U.S.A. For nighttime use. This cream belongs to the 911 emergency line for skin care. Its extraordinary compostion prevents minor irritation from escalating and repairs all the symptoms which arise after the skin has been traumatized--sunburn, chapping due to cold, peeling due to intense dehydration. CREME 11 combines healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory all natural extracts of nettle, hamamelis, scouring rush, marsh mallow, feverfew, anica, horsetail and horse chestnut. Counteracts instantly signs of irritation. Skin looks rested and feels desensitized from any burning tingling sensation.

Price: $42.00
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Manufactured by Yon-ka Skin Care

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