Moisturizer with plant extracts, Lighten

Creme 40, Pigmentation disorder

Available for shipment exclusively in the U.S.A. In the a.m. after cleansing and toning, layer Crème 40 locally over the spots, and then apply Ultra Protection. In the p.m. after cleansing and toning, dab a compress soaked with Solution 46 for 15 minutes, then apply a layer of Crème 40. -- Active ingredients: - Crème 40: azulene, the 5 Quintessence E.O., lime, sulfur derivative, magnesium. - Solution 46: cedar, the 5 Quintessence E.O., sulfur derivative, magnesium. -- With steady and sustained use, this lightening program helps diminish recent age spots and freckles as well as pregnancy masks. --

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Manufactured by Yon-ka Skin Care

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