Anti-ageing phyto-repairing face balm.

Le Baume Face Balm

Use morning and/or evening after cleansing the skin and applying Yon-Ka toner. Take a small amount of balm and let it melt onto the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Smooth in with slow circular movements, paying particular attention to dry, rough or fragile areas. -- Essential active ingredient : - Jasmine and Narcissus Essential Waxes: soothing, protective. - Coenzyme Q10, Pomegranate: antioxidants. - Vitamins A-E-C: regenerating, repairing and anti-free radical. - Musk Rose, Rice, Grape Seed and Camellia Oils: rich in un-saponifiables and omega 3 and omega 6: nourishing, anti-dryness. - Shea, Jojoba and Olive: film-forming, nourishing, anti-dehydration. - Jasmine, Rose and Neroli Essential Oils. brings immediate comfort and suppleness to the most delicate or damaged, dry or oily skin, it restores the balance, corrects the deficiencies and boosts the skin's defences against signs of ageing, during the day it provides protective anti-ageing care, while at night it repairs the skin. --

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Manufactured by Yon-ka Skin Care

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