Kalona Salon & Spa

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Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Refresh and Renew with Our Massage Therapy and Skin Care Services

Enjoy the ultimate in pampering at Kalona. Whether you need help in relieving muscle tension or want to simply unwind; our massage therapy and skin care services in Kailua-Kona, HI, will give you what you desire so you can be at peace.

Yonka Facials


Give your skin the attention it deserves with one of our facials. Using premier Yon-Ka skin care products, our facials will address your particular skin issue and leave it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Facials include:

  • Yon-Ka Shoulder and Back Facial - Invigorating facial that leaves skin looking radiant and glowing. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, and toning the back and a customized mask that is followed by a stress-reducing hand and foot treatment. 50 mins = $105.00 / 80 mins = $140.00
  • Plaisir Des Sens and Kalona Pohaku Healing Stone Facial for Balance - Relaxing facial for the ultimate in well-being. Includes essential oils that restore skin tone and vitality; crystal balancing and aromatherapy to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit; and hot stones that gently massage the body's chakra points. $155.00
  • Hydralessence Facial for Hydration - Long-lasting deep hydration facial with a fruit mask for unparalleled results. Moisturized with seaweed and fruit extracts and bathed in a light, aromatic steam, your skin will become supple, soft, and beautiful, with minimized wrinkles and lines. $155.00
  • Le Grand Classique Facial for Deep Cleansing - Deep, pore-cleansing facial that restores the skin. Includes five successive, very gentle cleansing steps for clean skin and a radiant complexion. Also includes a relaxing hand and foot massage. 50 mins = $105.00 / 80 mins = $140.00
  • Optimizer Facial for Firming and Lifting - "Uplifting" facial that, through the restructuring action of hip and collagen extracts, "lifts" the face, redefines contours, and restores glow. Perfect for special occasions. 50 mins = $170.00 / 80 mins = $245.00
  • Vital-Intense Facial for Fine Lines - Refreshing facial that restores the skin's balance, suppleness, and vitality with the use of essential oils, beech buds, vitamins, and trace elements. 50 mins = $145.00 / 80 mins = $170.00
  • Soin Purete Facial for Purifying - Purifying and balancing facial. Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly efficient phyto-treatment that deals seriously with the issues of acne outbreaks at all ages. 50 mins = $145.00Bottom


Body Wraps by FarmHouse Fresh

Improve the texture and appearance of your skin with a body wrap from FarmHouse Fresh. Choose from a variety of their luxurious body wraps to make your skin feel soft and look radiant.

Farmhouse Fresh Organics

Massage Therapy

Breathe a sigh of relief as pain and stress disappear with our massage therapy. Our bodyworkers are healers that restore well-being through the therapeutic use of touch. Touch therapy has been used to heal throughout the world for centuries. At our salon and spa, our professionally trained "touch" therapists are skilled in Eastern and Western massage therapies to offer you the best in massages:

  • Lomi Lomi - Ancient Hawaiian physiotherapy used to heal the body, soul, and spirit. It will help relax and soothe you. 50 mins = $100.00 / 80 mins = $140.00
  • Swedish - Classic, full-body massage great for relieving muscular tension and promoting relaxation. 50 mins = $100.00 / 80 mins = $140.00
  • Reflexology - Massage that applies pressure to specific reflex points to promote circulation and ease tension. May pair well with a pedicure. 25 mins = $65.00
  • Deep Tissue - Massage great for the sports enthusiast or those suffering from muscle stiffness. It is deeper and more precise techniques are used to release tension. 50 mins = $110.00 / 80 mins = $150.00
  • Aromatherapy - Plant and flower extracts are custom blended in this massage to promote healing and stress relief. Aromatherapy may be combined with other massage types. 50 mins = $110.00 / 80 mins = $150.00
  • Kalona Pohaku Healing Stone - Feel the energies of smooth volcanic river stones, called "pohaku" with this 80-minute massage. The stones are heated in hot water and used as an extension of your therapist's hands to provide a soothing yet energizing experience. 50 mins = $110.00 / 80 mins = $150.00
  • Shiatsu - Century-old massage focusing on the body's pressure points to correct imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health. 50 mins = $110.00 / 80 mins = $150.00
  • Ayurvedic - 3,000-year-old system of holistic healing focusing on maintaining the balance of the life energies. 50 mins = $110.00 / 80 mins = $150.00